In August 2017, Dr Bradnam and her husband Ash Bradnam released a podcast on iTunes documenting Ashley’s decade-long struggle with alcohol addiction and difficult path to sobriety. Addicted Podcast is a candid, open conversation about addiction. In the podcast, Ash and Jodie share their stories as the addict and as the partner who loves the addict. Ash and Jodie describe the chaos, fear and hopelessness that characterised their journey, share their moments of darkness and the lessons that helped them find a way through addiction to recovery together. The podcast offers messages of help and hope to other addicts and their families, challenges widely held myths about addiction and raises awareness of mental health issues in the community. 

Addicted podcast

Addicted Podcast

A candid conversation about addiction

Podcast Link:        https://www.nova1069.com.au/podcast/addicted

Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/addictedpodcast

Instagram:           @addictedpodcast

Available for download on iTunes