• Dr Jodie Bradnam

What's the mask you wear?

We wear armour to protect ourselves from vulnerability and the painful fear we aren’t enough - enough for our partners, friends, children, colleagues and ourselves. Sometimes this armour is welded on so early in our lives that we struggle to recognise that it is armour at all. We can assume it is just “who we are” or “the way we are”. It’s only as we learn more about the shields we use to protect ourselves, how we use numbing, perfectionism, and foreboding joy to avoid vulnerability, that we acknowledge the weight of this armour. We see the many ways that it prevents authentic, meaningful connections with others. Brené Brown shares this vulnerability paradox beautifully. “Vulnerability is the first thing I want to see in you, but the last thing I want you to see in me” @brenebrown

It takes courage to bravely explore the armour we wear and to surrender our shields, but as we do our most important relationships are transformed.