• Dr Jodie Bradnam

What does courage look like for you today?

As we settle back into work and prepare the children for the return to school, it’s tempting to let the promises we’ve made to ourselves slide. Perhaps they were promises to take better care of ourselves, to be bolder or braver at work or in relationships or to start new projects that test and challenge us. The excitement we felt as we made these promises can be smothered by fear that sneakily rises in our chest as we are called to action. As the fear of change competes with the excitement of new beginnings, we are tempted to revert to old patterns that feel safe, even if they don’t serve us all that well. I’m reminded today that growth happens in the space between what we did yesterday and the choices we make today. If you are hooked by fear this morning, as I am, take a moment to breathe into that fear of change and make room for it. We can be bold and afraid at the same time and still take action. What does courage look like for you today? Today matters and so do you.