• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Tune in. Show up. Be here.

With gratitude, I find myself in a place that is peaceful, calm and honest. It has been a bumpy road, as life always promised it would be. When we are young, it is tempting to buy into an illusion that there’s a linear path waiting for us, with a much-anticipated start line at one end and our shiny childhood dreams at the other. As adults, we discover that our path is less like a straight highway and more like a rollercoaster.

There’s something to say about surrendering to a resting place anywhere along the path and noticing the things we can only see when we slow down. These weekly reflections are inspired by this awareness. In the Mind Garden, I share the gifts I have discovered along my path. The gift of tuning in. The gift of showing up. The gift of being here, right here, in this moment. The gift of developing practices of emotional wellbeing: cultivating mindfulness, self-care and compassion, healthy boundaries and attuned relationships. The Mind Garden posts also share how adversity can make us stronger when our challenges become the guideposts we need to create a meaningful life.

Tune in, show up, be here began as my running mantra. Over time it has become my daily anchor and a guide for living with honesty and authenticity. It is a reminder to tune in the present moment, to find the courage to be seen, the willingness to be vulnerable, and the presence of mind to stay open to thoughts and feelings as they arise. To be here, is to make room for the life experiences and emotions that are showing up, rather than struggling with the reality of what is. We can spend years shackled to memories of our past, ruminating over painful experiences and feeling fearful of the unknown path that lies ahead. In truth, we are unable to change our past or predict the future with certainty. We can however, develop skills and practices that support a present focus and an awareness that emotional wellbeing is grounded in remaining mindfully aware of the power of the present moment.

It takes courage to make space to slow down so that we can tune in, show up and be here.

It’s not a natural way of being for most of us. We can spend years striving, hustling, proving, perfecting, failing, reprimanding and self-hating before surrendering to this place. Through the Mind Garden, I share the psychological principles and practices that have taken me decades of study to transform into action. I invite you to make them yours too. These days, my practices are enacted imperfectly, with love and gratitude for the opportunity to begin again each day. Mind Garden invites you to look within, be open to change, and reclaim the peace that has been there all along.