• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Thank you

The world bombards us with messages that we can achieve and have whatever we want if we work hard enough and are willing to suffer enough. I have always found these “can do” messages a little confusing. How do we know when the struggle is in service of an outcome and when the struggle is a sign that the path is not meant for us? While I’ve never found an adequate response, I’ve certainly found myself asking this question many times. This week, reading Caroline Myss, I found an answer that fits for me. “We are on the wrong path”, Caroline writes, “when we are required to betray ourselves or move away from our values to achieve a goal”. As I read this, I reflected on the times that this has held true for me - times that I’ve pushed forward trusting that the struggle was part of the journey, when the struggle was actually a warning sign that I was on the wrong path. Maybe this is common sense, but for me this was a moment of awareness. A reminder to let our values guide our actions and to be grateful for our lessons because we grow from them all. As Eckhart Tolle shares, “if the only prayer you ever say is, thank you, that will be enough.”