• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Shine a light in the world

Values are guiding principles like courage, kindness, humour, charity, fairness, honesty, loyalty or generosity. These principles anchor our wisest decisions and most meaningful actions because they reflect what really matters to us. The closer our values and everyday behaviours are aligned, the more we sense that we living with authenticity. The light we have to shine is our own. Fortunately, we can also use this awareness to notice when our behaviours fail to reflect our values and we can choose to make amends. Our values become an internal guidance system.

What we give out, comes back to us. It’s the universal law of cause and effect. Whatever we throw above us eventually descends with equal force and magnitude - whether that be anger, jealousy, generosity or forgiveness. Sometimes this universal law is misinterpreted as a direct exchange. That is, if we show compassion to a stranger we expect to receive their immediate gratitude in return. But the universal law works more powerfully than that. Our actions create ripples, influencing the behaviour of others vicariously and spreading our light more broadly than we could imagine. One act of kindness, creates another and another.

As we put our value guided actions into practice we may notice that those around us begin to mirror those values in their behaviours too. And, at times when they don’t and our kindness, our honesty or loyalty is betrayed, we can trust that in being true to our own guidance system we are sending an invitation to them to reflect on their own. After all, we all lose our way sometimes and need a reminder on how to find our way back.

Let your actions shine your light in the world.