• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Master your peace

I’m more aware than ever that we’ll never feel good enough - for our partner, for our families, in our work place or among our friends - if we don’t develop love, acceptance and compassion for ourselves.

I’ve done my share of unhealthy striving, hustling, perfecting and pleasing to prove this to be untrue. I’ve long chased goals based on the belief (or hope) that if I was just ... or would just ..., then I’d be worthy. I’d be enough.

I’ve been reminded in recent weeks that there’s no badge to earn for worthiness. No achievement, no act, no recognition, no dress size, medal, degree or accomplishment will ever be enough. Ironically, it’s in the letting go of the unhealthy striving that we find our peace. And guess what? It was there waiting for us all along.