• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Magic in the mess

Special mornings like Mother's Day reconnect us with how the world looks through the eyes of a child. Between the warm hugs, cold tea, vegemite toast, hand made cards and gifts, we glimpse the wonder and delight that is nested in the smallest of things. The gestures of love and affection that are measured by the effort, not the outcome. If only we lived our adult lives a little more like this - attuned to a moment by moment celebration of the way things are - exactly as they are.

There’s magic in many of our experiences, but as adults we often hold too tightly to the way things could or should be. We distract ourselves with attempts to align our experiences with the circumstances we think we need to make things right in our world. And in doing so, we risk missing some special moments that unfold in their own time. I’m certainly guilty of that. If I’m honest, the two sentences I say most to my three boys are, “I love you” and “Don’t make a mess!”. I’m certainly not proud of that last one and that’s probably why this card is among my favourites.

Children remind us that there’s magic in the mess. We need only to slow down and look with fresh eyes to find it. I’m not saying it’s easy, but on days like today we can look to the children for a lesson in staying in the now and remaining open to the magic of what is.