• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Holding on and letting go.

It is often said that we are repeatedly sent the lessons that we need to learn the most. I'm reminded today that in some areas of my life, I am a very slow learner. I'm still to learn when to hold on to my dreams and when to let go. Life teaches us that ambition without action is just a dream. But what about action without outcome? These lessons often feel more painful than enlightening.

At least I have this inspiring illustration from Jamcracker Creative. This image makes letting go of certainty, look like an exhilarating, freedom ride. This was the card I needed today. If you've found yourself in this place too, caught between holding on and letting go, know that we are in this together. We can gather out hopes and ambitions, let go of the reins a little, regroup, and begin again tomorrow.