• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Fortune favours the brave

The bravest thing we can do is to reach out and ask for help when we feel helpless and hopeless. Sadly, it’s often shame that grips us in a holding pattern, reinforcing a belief that we are inherently bad. Shame strips us of our self worth, our esteem and of our connection to others. We become imprisoned by feelings of unworthiness and it’s almost impossible to cultivate change without a platform of self worth.

In the 3rd episode of our Addicted podcast episode Ash speaks with an inspiring and truly incredible woman, Kate Seelja, about her painful struggle with addiction and path to recovery. I was moved to tears during their chat by a moment Kate recalled with her then 12 year old son while pregnant with her sixth child and in the grips of addiction.

Reflecting on the mess that her life had become, Kate’s young son beautifully lifted the veil of shame saying, “Mum, everyone makes mistakes”. In this moment, his willingness to soothe her shame with empathy allowed Kate to see her choices, and not herself as flawed. His response provided a platform of self worth for her to begin her recovery.

This powerful addicted podcast episode is a story of courage, bravery, compassion and hope. It also demonstrates the value of empathy as an antidote to shame. Kate’s mission to empower and inform others will inspire you. The addicted podcast episode with Ash and Kate Seelja is available on iTunes on or here on this website under Resources/Podcasts.