• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Finding pennies in the gutter

I had the joy of taking my two high school aged boys to a school chapel last night. Ok, they were not all that joyful to head back to school on a Tuesday night but it was a rare chance for some time together, just the three of us. It was not lost on me that nine years ago I’d sat in that chapel praying for answers for how to find a way out of the hell our lives had become.

These moments, these face down moments, challenge us and change us. What I didn’t know then, but do now, is that if we are willing to pause when we are face down these moments hold powerful lessons. They connect us with opportunities to change our lives.

Over dinner last night one of the boys shared an assignment he’s been working on about the lessons he’s learned in times of struggle. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that he’s embracing lessons at 12 that took me decades to put into practice.

Face down moments are an invitation to see the world with a different lens. Pause before you jump to your feet. There are treasures there.

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Dr Jodie Bradnam holds a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, First Class Honours in Psychology, and Bachelor of Social Sciences.