• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Finding courage

Addiction is a swampland. Like quicksand, it draws us in. Addiction invites chaos into the family home that is smothering, depleting and completely overwhelming. Drama, conflict, chaos and struggle replace the structure, safety and security of evening routines. Weekends become something to dread rather than celebrate. As crises escalate and our resources are mobilised into surviving, we lose our grip on what is “normal”. We begin to live in an extended state of hypervigilance trying to anticipate when we’ll next be knocked from our feet, but this fearful state only leads to more exhaustion, more hopelessness. There were certainly years where we’d completely lost touch with just how crazy our lives had become. How crazy we had become.

I used to dream of the life that we have now. In those dark years, I’d hold onto quotes like a lifeline, willing and praying for them to show me the way out of the dark. If you are struggling with addiction, or love someone who is, the way out is to ask for help. Reach out. Ask for help. If we can find our way out, you can too.

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