• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Dig a little deeper.

When we tune in to our emotions with curiosity and self compassion, our feelings become guideposts. Our primary emotions are often the big feelings that hook us first - the overwhelming anger, sadness or devastation. Beneath these affects reside the secondary emotions that are often masked by the primary ones.

The practice of tuning in, noting and naming our feelings, allows us to soothe the primary emotions and dig a little deeper. We often discover that beneath the anger there is loneliness, sadness, rejection or fear. Beneath the disappointment there is often fear, grief, abandonment or longing.

From a compassionate space, we discover what we need to take care of ourselves and to get back on our emotional feet. We can learn to use our breath to tune in, calm and soothe ourselves.

Mindfulness practices support the down regulation of our emotional brain (our limbic system) and help us find calm amidst the chaos of big emotions. You can find a number of guided mindfulness meditations here on my website resources/meditations.

Enjoy today and let love lead x