• Dr Jodie Bradnam

Choose your lens carefully

Gratitude is a powerful way to shift our perspective. That is, to see ourselves, others and the world around us through a different lens. Gratitude is celebrating the beauty and wonder of tiny, everyday moments and embracing the lessons that reside in the most unexpected of places. A simple gratitude practice, like noting five things at the end of each day for which we are grateful, has us viewing our daily tasks and experiences somewhat differently. When we set ourselves this task each morning, we travel through time scanning the environment for items to add to our gratitude list. We consciously select a lens of curiosity, compassion and kindness and our eyes, hearts and minds remain open to the world around us. We recognise that there is another way to see almost every situation and, as we do, even moments of minor irritation hold powerful lessons for us about patience and kindness. A gratitude practice is a reminder that we see the world through A lens, not the THE lens. We are always choosing the lens through which we see the world.